Today’s guest author is Sue Cooper. She is an apprentice in the 2012 Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training and Mentorship program.

Sue is going to share with you what she has learned about Dancing With Her Shadow. I am here to tell you, that the Sue I first spoke with by phone almost 5 months ago…is NOT the Sue who got on a plane, came to Colorado and wrote this poem! This may be one of the most profound transformations I’ve witnessed in my 25 years of practice. WOO HOO Sue!

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Guest Author Sue Copper: 

To me, my “shadow” — and I didn’t know that’s what it was called — was some ugly inner self, not to be seen by anyone, not to be expressed if possible, certainly not ever to be healed, because I didn’t even know I needed to be healed; I thought this was the way I was supposed to be.  Until I fell down under the heavy load.  Now I know that not only am I healing after all of the inner work that I’ve done, I know that I will eventually come to love each and every part of me that lives in both my shadow and my light sides.  Healing will bring Love, and Love is all there is.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll write a song called Me and My Shadow.  Oh right, that’s already been done.”

Sue Copper
The Copper Shoppe
“Where Life Is Peaceful” 

Sue’s Poem….

Whoo-hoooo Sheri!

Adventurous and brave, well that’s what I am

Pure gentle soul….I say I can’t— but I can!

Soul sister now to a brand new clan

Now I’m a Feisty Female®, Colorado brand.  Yeahhhh!


I’ve searched far and near, meaning way down here (in my heart)

Didn’t find much I held near and dear

Believed that I couldn’t be who I am

Til I met Sheri Gaynor, a lady with a plan     oh-oh!


My heart was closed, cold like a stone

No cracks, no light, the way it was showin’

But then in Sheri’s book, I began to be

Creativity came here to find me


A little time passed, and I remained closed

But July came along, and I took my pose

Went to see Sheri and sat in her glow

And now it’s time to get on with the show!   Ooo  oooo!


I’m flying now, no more asleep

Can’t stop now, got dreams to keep

I’ve been down in a hole and now I’m out

I went to Colorado, came home with a shout — WhooHooooo!