800px-Southern_California_Fires_3869161421-700x501Holy Gratitude. The Elephant Journal article is live!

I spent the day creating a Box of Community Sorrow for an event for Valley Fire victims tomorrow.

I surfaced from that deep meditation and found this email: “Your Elephant Journal article has been published!” Once again the reminder…duality.

It came with these very helpful tips on how to increase readership. If you like what you are reading…please comment on the article on the EJ site and ask your friends and family to help by sharing the story.

Why share? The article provides links to credible ways that you and others can help the community begin to heal and rebuild.

Thanks for all your love and support! ~ Sheri Gaynor

We’ll work our trunks off to promote your piece—that said, we won’t do it all alone.

Here are some suggestions to make sure your words reach as many hearts and minds as possible:

1. Send an email to your nearest and dearest loved ones, community, including the link to your magical words.

2. Share a link on Facebook. Twitter’s good, too. Do you reddit? Share it in a personal way.

3. Take a photo of your article and share it on Instagram.

4. Email any organizations or special interest groups that you think might be inspired by your words. (Always include a link and encourage reader feedback!)

5. Comments add love and value to articles and help them build momentum and get traction. Responding to comments on your own posts inspires constructive dialogue and engages readers. Don’t be discouraged by meanie comments, it’s the internet. 😉