In September 2006, my husband and I were blessed to be gifted a trip to South Africa. The journey was a bit delayed as we were to first fly out the week after September 11.  After losing a friend in the towers that year, it was hard for me to imagine getting on a plane. Our friends persisted and last year, they encouraged us to plan ahead and book the date.


The gift was one I will never forget, we will be forever grateful to our friends Mark and Annette, our hosts, who introduced us around their glorious country. There is so much to write about it could be a blog in itself. Suffice it to say my dream is to one day return. I have never been so touched by a country that when I got in the plane to leave, I wept.


The other day while surfing around I found this wonderful site, A Bridge for South Africa.  This is where I will be doing all my holiday shopping this year. I love purchasing gifts that have that allow the perfect circle of giving and receiving.