I am off to Denver for a writers group-girlfriend-shopping-eating weekend! I have just come off one of the most awesome weeks I can remember. Yesterday my new herd/partners and I hosted our first collaboration for two special invited attendees combining healing through horses and creativity. I am looking forward to hearing feedback from our participants to see how their interactions with the horses shifted the intentions they created for themselves in the experience.

I can tell you that for us (Julie, Mel and I) the facilitators, it was a magical and synchronistic experience to be witness to. The horses that choose the women, mirrored back the exact journeys they have been working with in their lives! The experiential aspect of this work is powerful and a perfect fit with the work that I have been bringing into my clients lives to date.

This is the icing on the cake and the dance of partnership is what I have been calling in. I am in deep gratitude to Julie and Mel for inviting me into the herd. Working with both of you is effortless and I feel a deep connection to both your energies and spirits. I look forward to the adventure ahead.

Thank you to the beautiful, extraordinary women who joined us yesterday. You leaned hard into your fears, to find what was waiting beyond.

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  1. What fabulous work!
    The company that I worked for has a program called Medicine Horse. I believe that they are somehow affiliated with Naropa University. I have seen the power of Horse-Healing and it’s amazing. Bravo to you and your posse for the VERY good work!

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