It looks like success and juggling is the theme for a lot of Feisty Females this week! The newsletter I sent with the article managing success touched a chord with many of you. Mai-Liis Peacock posted a great comment on here on the blog, ""Accidentally", I heard a mini tape of Eckhart Tolle saying "Ask what does Life want from me".  I love Eckhart’s question, thank you Mai-Liis for sharing it with us. Kerri Posson  sent me an email to me know she had synchronistically posted a self-portrait of her own inner juggler at her wonderful blog! Can you relate? I certainly can.  As we all know, there are no accidents, there is only synchronicity!

I have a mantra I share with clients  to help them come back to the present moment, when they begin to feel overwhelmed or fearful. Here is the mantra I have been sharing with clients these past couple of weeks, "What do I know to be true right in this present moment."  I invite them to post this over their computer desk or on their studio wall. Many share that they end up putting it all over their house with sticky notes! I say, "Bravo," whatever works, to help us breathe and come back to center. I have been using it quite a bit myself this week, as I approach two major book deadlines!

Just for today, let’s all take a big collective BREATH! Oooh…doesn’t that feel better?

Contribute: Do you have a mantra that works to help bring you back to center?