© photo and product-Ellen Paquette, The Wee Beatsies

Cost: Worth every penny! I am pleased to announce that my Feisty sister-in-law, Ellen Paquette,  has opened an Ebay shop to sell her adorable handmade dolls, The Wee Beasties!  I purchased two Wee Beasties this year for family members, and I can hardly wait until they receive them.

Painter, designer, doll maker, actor and now a Feisty entrepreneur, Ellen is a talented multi media artist. I am so proud of her, this was a huge step for her, so please stop by and check out her store.

Here is a quote from her site: "All the creatures you
encounter here come to life in the Treehouse Studio on the edge of the
Allegheny National Forest in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Yards of
vintage fabrics, tins of old buttons, unusual contemporary fabrics, a
1948 Singer featherweight sewing machine, southern exposure and a
diverse selection of folk music all mix together in a creative alchemy
that results in The Wee Beasties. The Treehouse Studio is an environment free of smoke, perfumes and pet hair."

Post a comment here and let her know what you think of her Wee Beasties! Go Ellen GO!

4 Responses

  1. ohhhh they’re wonderful! (from one dollmaker to another)
    I love the name, too. yay! Congrats!
    Does she know about ETSY? That is also a good place to open a store, they take a smaller percentage and seem nicer than ebay.

  2. Hi Ladies,
    Thank you for posting comments. My sister-in-law will be so pleased. She has worked so hard on these amazing little Beasties. I love the name too!
    We have talked about Etsy and she is going to be looking into that as well. I shared with her the benefits of having both, but I agree, Etsy for art and craft in my mind is a better resource.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging feedback! I am really leaning toward trying out Etsy, as the relisting fees on ebay are adding up. I also loved the site and what it offers. If I make a complete leap to Etsy, I’ll let you know!

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