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Happy April! We are experiencing typical weather for a Rocky Mountain spring. We had a huge blizzard yesterday and today we have crystal clear, sunny blue skies. Planes, trains and autos were massively delayed, so I am hoping the clear weather sticks around awhile, as I leave for my trip to the publisher on Sunday. I am very excited, although I have to say it has been quite an effort getting to this moment.  Organization was key and in the end my boxes went out yesterday, which was a huge relief.   

This is an excerpt from this months newsletter. I have written about embracing your inner Feisty Female. With spring on the horizon it is a perfect time to think about how she might be ready to blossom.               

Embracing Your Inner Feisty Female®

It is not uncommon for women to call me and share-in a voice barely audible-"I found your site, I love the name of your company, but I don’t really feel like a Feisty Female." I always smile when I hear this, as I know somewhere inside each and every one of us is a Feisty Female®, waiting in the wings, ready to burst to the surface.

Once they get past their first confession, I ask them what the word Feisty means to them. Usually the first description I hear is, "aggressive." Then, words like, "pushy, overbearing" and dare I say that ultimate negative feminine stereotype, the B Word. Oh my! I really dislike that last one, it actually has the capacity to cause my own inner Feisty Female to have a temper tantrum.   

Our next step is to redefine the word Feisty. Here’s my definition of a Feisty Female: "Creative, sassy entrepreneurial spirit, bold, wild-hearted, independent, multi-faceted and dare I say…a risk taker." After we get through redefining the term, I tell them that they have already embraced their inner Feisty Female, simply by realizing they wanted to live a more passionate and fulfilled life.   

I believe there are women who are innately Feisty and women who are work-in-progress Feisty. I myself am a work-in-progress Feisty Female. Characteristically shy, socially awkward and prone to hives, it took a year on the road in a 24-foot travel trailer to find my inner Feisty Female, buried under 6 feet of dust and grime. Once I uncovered her, I knew I could no longer go back to my old way of being in the world. I used to believe that reaching for dreams was for "other people," not for me. The year on the road changed everything. My inner Feisty Female was unleashed, and she was no longer willing to be stuffed back into the box, where I had found her. She took me by the hand and said, "It’s time, no more sitting around and waiting." So hive ridden, wearing the pink cowgirl boots she gave me, and packing a lot of acid neutralizing tablets, we rode off into the sunrise, taking small-but calculated-steps.   

That was almost 7 years ago and I have not looked back-except with amazement-at the Feisty Female I have become. Sure, there have been times when I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco in the rodeo arena, but I knew my inner Feisty Female was there to pick me up dust me off , and encourage me to get back on. There have been ups, downs  and all arounds, but one thing’s for sure, living our dreams, really is about the journey and not the destination. And more importantly fellow Feisty Females®, it  isn’t boring!   

Here are a few hints to help you embrace your inner Feisty Female®:    

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  1. I had to comment on this one: Fiesty Female. It is hard to admit to being fiesty because women and men think of it in crazy terms. Most of my life has been lived in crazy terms, so it’s an endearing word to me. It happens to be one of the first words that my husband used to describe me, “You’re fiesty!” I took it as a compliment. To me, it meant that I wasn’t boring and I was challenging. I had some nerve or as my dad called it “guts.” Despite the fact that I find this term liberating and exciting…it is still hard for me to “let HER loose…” We girls tend to like to dumb-down, power-down, and be coy for the sake of our gender’s demure reputation…but in reality…we can do it all! Remember reading those spicy novels???? The beach read… Those sexy women were attractive not just physically, but they were usually very smart and powerful…a challenge. Passionate & Daring! The fact is, women are very good camelians…shape-shifters. Trust yourself. We are beautiful creatures in every form.

  2. Once upon a time I too was a wall flower. A book worm. A nerd. Then over time, over a long period of time, I overcame my fears, and became the woman I am today. Secure. Adventurous. Passionate. Assertive. Independent. Feisty.
    I have been criticized by others at times for my spirit, but I don’t care. Perhaps it is out of jealousy or misunderstanding, or a yearning to be something they don’t know how to become. I smile and forgive, and am always willing to share the path. Us feisty females have a lot of stereotyping that we have to overcome, even at this day and age!
    I greet each day with excitement, joy,love, and creativity.
    Thank you Sheri for your spirit, your sharing, and your wisdom.
    You rock!
    Patti aka Pootie

  3. I think it is when we become grown-ups…women who are not dependent on others, that we dare reveal our feisty side. For me, “feisty” means self-acceptance,embracing the good and the dark parts of ourselves… and willingness to stand up for all of it. So what if others don’t like that….They are entitled to their opinions. Be curious about the nature of their opinions, but never take it personally.