In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron encourages us to take artist dates. I agree and for me part of the journey is leaving my familiar surroundings and heading to parts unknown. My artist eyes are opened in a way that the day to day grind, does not have room for. With the book process, I have committed to taking several a month to gather material for the process.

Monday, I headed down to Grand Junction which is the closest "metropolis" to us. metropolis, meaning, there are places to shop that the average person can afford.


My first stop as always was to visit my friend Caole a fellow Wild Woman artist, in her vintage clothing/art gallery called Planet Earth. I did not tell her I was coming and as synchronicity would have it, she had someone working with her that day, so it afforded us some time for Nepalese lunch and catching up.  Caole’s shop and gallery is the ultimate for costume enthusiasts. Every time I visit I end up trying on items and letting my altar ego run wild. I adore Caole, her free spirit reminds me to let my wild child run free! I created the Warhol-esq piece above in homage to her spirit and the sense of community her shop and gallery has created in her town.


Here is a self-portrait while playing around in the vintage room. I was drawn to this orange polka dot hat, circa 1970’s as  there is a  photograph buried somewhere in the family albums of my brother wearing the exact hat but in shocking pink! I regret that I can’t find it to post it here, but needless to say, the hat had to come home with me.

Grand Junction is growing and there are some great shops and galleries opening in the downtown core. I love the sense of community that I have always felt there and Caole tells me there is a solid artist thriving alternative community growing.  I passed by this new children’s boutique Kairos owned by Carla and Anthony Bruton. I loved these antique strollers and played with them in Photoshop.


Tuesday the 11th, was a day held in memory for our family friend Bob Levine and all families and victims who died in the World Trade Center disaster. I think back to that moment is time when there was an outpouring of love and support for our country. When I see where we are today, I am horrified at the dichotomy.

Perhaps some of you created images yesterday to honor the day.
Here is a piece I did in 2002 for the band Matchboxtwenty and the Hard Rock Cafe’s. Portions of the funds for the shirt were donated to the families left behind. I donated my time as an artist to the project. It was an incredibly healing experience for me.


Write In: How have artists dates inspired you. I will even share some photos if you send me a JPEG.