As we move closer to the true season, I think we can all feel the pace picking up a bit. I leave on Saturday to visit my family in Florida and it's been a busy week of clients, classes and getting things tied up in a neat bow, before I leave. 

I won't fib…there have been moments of stress as the list seems to grow longer, but I will tell you this, the BLISS has helped. My biggest moments of quiet have been those times with Blue, watching him hunting for mice-icles in the snow. Fortunately, they evade him, but his joyful pouncing and romping brings a smile to my face a few times a day. Our walks have also been a time of daily reflection in the spirit of Thich Nhat Hanh, he is my teacher…Innocence, simplicity and Bliss….he is my daily reminder. 

I will be checking in from the road, sharing with you my upcoming Gyspy Spirit Holiday Adventure.

May you find some BLISS today….