Sheri and Andy, originally uploaded by sgaynor.

I watched Out of Africa the other night and was inspired to spend my weekend Bliss time editing and loading some of our images from our trip to South Africa in 2007. Having my new HUGO screen made the images come alive. It felt like I was seeing them for the first time. 

Watching the movie, I was struck with the same feelings I had while in Africa, a sense of longing and strangely…familiarity. When we flew out of Mala Mala, tears welled up and spilled over from behind my dark sunglasses, and I remember wondering why I was crying. I remember feeling somewhat embarrassed by my reaction, it truly surprised me, yet somehow it didn't.

The entire time we were in Mala Mala I had a sense of coming home. I could not explain it in a tangible sense, it felt deeply archetypal. I wonder what Joseph Campbell would have said about that…..

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