With preternatural timing, and arriving on the heels of some important decision making I had been wrangling with for weeks, I woke this morning to find my beautiful Open Heart Sculpture repaired. She fell over this past winter during a huge storm and when I righted her, several of her wings had shattered. I had a good cry and then called her Muse…Shannon Muse, the artist who birthed her.

Something has been missing in my life since Open Heart was shattered. I begin each morning by opening my windows, taking in the beauty of the landscape and Open Heart, and saying a prayer of gratitude for the life I have come to live. For the last month or so, each time I looked at her in her wounded state, the metaphor was inescapable and reached deep into my psyche, inviting me to look within. Trials and challenges are an inevitable part of life, and it's important to find the beauty and gratitude, even if it's as tiny as a Alpine Poppy Seed. This seed of beauty and gratitude will grow if you continue to add water and nurture it.  

I have so much gratitude to Shannon for creating this piece for me, it is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Open Heart has become my touchstone to knowing my heart can remain open amidst sorrow, and my wings-no matter how torn or tattered they might be-are there to give me flight….

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