Now that he has had some time to settle in and had some healing of his own, Blue has started to take on the role of studio guardian and  healing spirit. His regal presence has been a comfort to the women visiting the studio. I knew as soon as I met him that he would follow in the steps of his sister Feats and take on this role.

I mentioned this to my vet and she said, "I worry about them in that role, like us they take on a lot of energy, but can’t verbalize what is happening." I honestly had not thought about that, but it feels right on. I told her that I often clear the energy in my studio with a mist of Clary Sage and that I would start doing that to Blue at the end of each healing session. I often forget to do it for myself, so this was a beautiful reminder.

Part of the healing journey is to allow old, toxic or unwanted energy to move through us. Our guides hold the energy until we are ready to shed that particular skin, therefore keeping our studios and healings spaces clear is important. My friend One Paw gave me some sacred sage and a feather, when we met last year to facilitate a wedding ceremony. My vet’s comment is a reminder to clearing techniques more often so my space, my heart and Blue are clear to be present for client creativity and healing.