I got a lovely mention on one of my favorite blogs Decor8 .  My wonderful client Claudine Hellmuth, was had an interview with them and was generous enough to mention our work together. She just sent me the link. What a beautiful gift!

Claudine is a true example of why I believe the work I do is a co-creative process. It has been an incredibly enriching experience and an honor to work with her. Claudine creates phenomenal commission pieces and has taught workshops for many years around the world. She is a fastidious and professional business woman-she even teaches a class on this aspect-and models for women that as artists WE CAN be business women too!

Claudine has several books out, with another one on the way (see the sidebar for her first book). She will also be included in my upcoming book as a featured artist.

Here is a sample of Claudine’s work. "Hip arts for playful hearts," is the perfect description!

Write it: List 5 ways you can boost your business acumen this month. How can you stretch your edges a bit? Feel free to post your ideas!