Dancing With Our Shadows

“Embracing shadow aspects (the parts of self that remain largely hidden from our conscious mind) can be one of the most healing experiences of your life journey….When light shines on […]

Happy New Year!

Thank you for another phenomenal year. To those of you who have purchased my book Creative Awakenings, worked with me one on one, taken classes or crossed my path in […]

Thank you for a great class!!!

To Alison Lee of Craftcast.com and all the WONDERFUL FEISTY participants in this evening's online class… A BIG THANK YOU!!! I am so thrilled to have taken this adventure with […]

We have a winner!

Randall pulling the winner from my hat!  The winner of this months Creative Awakenings Salon survey contest is CA member Debbie Overton. Debbie is the lucky winner of a Feisty […]

Authentic Wisdom-Wondering

It has been a week of inner reflection for me. In keeping with my June Intention, "Receiving," I am finding time to sit quietly and listen…not to the outer noise […]