It’s DreamTime Monday!

Dream…Create…Leap…Fly!  It works!! My April Art of intention…Play…. Are you ready to CREATE YOUR LIFE?  "This has been the best by far spiritual journey I have ever gone on…." Mindy […]

March Art of Intention

As we move into spring, my intention this month is to expand beyond the current borders of my imagination. Where are you going in March? Join us….   

It’s DreamTime Monday!

March roars…time to get out your Book of Dreams and create an intention for the month. I'll be dreaming later today in the studio…let's create our realities, not simply live […]

DreamTime Monday! A New Year Begins

January 2010, Art of Intention: Reach 4 Your Dreams… A New Year begins  A clean slate a blank page an empty canvas waiting to be filled… Reach 4 Your Dreams… […]

Sowing the Seeds of 2010

Happy New Year!! It's a that time of year…we look back, we look forward…we dream of what's to come. Reflections are part of life's journey and this year it feels […]

Bliss 8-BIG SNOW

We woke this morning to over a foot of fresh powder! The Delegates were correct in leaving early, and we are holding the intention in our hearts that they can […]

DreamTime Monday!

It's DreamTime Monday. As I look back on last month's Art of Intention, which was about finding a home for my business as well as collaboration and it's kind of […]

October Art of Intention-Wonder

My October EnVision Art of Intention. Wonder. So here's what is amazing. I don't traditionally date my pieces, but at the last minute, decided to add 10/5 at the bottom. […]

It’s DreamTime Monday!

It's DreamTime Monday. Take some time today to create your Art of Intention and share it in the Creative Awakenings Salon. We'd love to support you in stepping boldly into […]