Costa Rica- Part 4: Returning to Self

To feel a full untrammeled joy is to walk through the doorway of fear, the dropping away of the anxious worried self felt itself like a death itself, a disappearance, […]


The 2nd Annual Woman's Retreat SOLD OUT! Writing + Creativity + Horses = WELLbeingWith Facilitators: Lisa Jones, Sheri Gaynor and Susan GibbsJune 22-24, 2012 at Sopris Mtn. Ranch   Do you hear a calling?  Is it a whisper…or […]

Chronologically Speaking

So…since turning 50 + 2 this weekend, I've taken to pondering… what exactly does it mean to "act your age?   This is a confusing time to be a woman […]

Where’s Sheri?

My goodness! It's been 10 days since you've heard a peep from me. My life is buzzing faster than a bee makes honey and I fully confess, I'm having a […]

In Honor of Martin Luther King

Expressive Art Therapist, Silky Hart, created a fantastic blog post today in honor of Martin Luther King, sharing how artist's and others can find ways to support the relief efforts […]

Mission Statements

It's been a busy time getting our new hometown studio up and running. We've only been open 3 weeks and we have already sponsored 3 workshops! WOOO hOOO! This weekend […]