Costa Rica- Part 4: Returning to Self

To feel a full untrammeled joy is to walk through the doorway of fear, the dropping away of the anxious worried self felt itself like a death itself, a disappearance, […]

The Art of Leadership

                        Today’s Awakening: I woke this morning with this thought, what is leadership? In light of the responses to […]

“Hearing” The Wisdom of Animals

  My animals have been communicating with me. As of today, I am making a commitment to my 4-legged partners to truly “hear” them and let go of my agendas. […]

Today’s Awakening:

Unedited except from Sheri Shanti Lynn Gaynor’s book tentatively titled: Riding Through Grief. Use and sharing with permission. 2/23/13 This week the French Apprentices have been with us at Epona. […]