The Box of Sorrow

With the death toll mounting -click the link to read an article and see a haunting video about the Valley Fire-and the animals still being found alive amidst the rubble, I have moments […]

Guest Author – Dancing With Our Shadows…

  Today’s guest author is Pam True. She is an apprentice in the 2012 Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training and Mentorship program. Pam is going to share with you what she […]

Dancing With Our Shadows

“Embracing shadow aspects (the parts of self that remain largely hidden from our conscious mind) can be one of the most healing experiences of your life journey….When light shines on […]

Dreaming Awake….

  My friend Robyn Hubbard has been teaching a Dream class in the studio. During each 4 week session, I join the last week and share how I use the […]

Creative Play

This weekend was devoted to rejuvenation. I find myself torn between the pull of the business of running the studio and answering the call to the reason I am an […]

Digital Expressions

  I am so proud to be featured in Susan Tuttle's fabulous new book! If you work with photographs, this book is a must have! It's available now for pre-release! Woooo HOOOO! […]

The Art of Intention

Remember this created October 5, 2009?    It has manifested to this….The Mandala Studio: A Center for Expressive Arts and Transformation!  EDUCATION…..COLLABORATION….COMMUNITY!  Opening with a special Soul Sessions: Painting Your […]