Happy Holidays

My Town…The Giving Tree Each year this beautiful tree magically appears on the corner of 3rd and Main St in my town. It is a reminder to me, of the […]

I’m a Tranquilista!

© 2009 Sheri Gaynor, All Rights Reserved North Light Books, 2009. "Possibilities" From the Creative Awakenings Deck of Transformation, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through ArtSeeking a […]

It’s DreamTime Monday!

Dream…Create…Leap…Fly!  It works!! My April Art of intention…Play…. Are you ready to CREATE YOUR LIFE?  "This has been the best by far spiritual journey I have ever gone on…." Mindy […]

Branch of Hope and Intention

Last night we held the Introductory Evening for Living with Cancer: Visions of Healing and Hope.  It was a truly an honor to sit in a sacred circle listening to […]

The Morning After…

Sheri on left dressed to the 9's, in an AWESOME outfit from Corky Woods. You girls made me look good! The Super Model is coming down to earth and re-entering her […]

Milestones: Fifty Feisty Bold Steps

Copyright: 2010 Sheri Gaynor, The Rite of Spring Fashion Show Sneak Preview: HoopsHow better than to step into Feisty Fifty than with fifty bold steps for 2010. I've crossed off […]

The Importance of Women and Friendship

The Girls:  SWIRL writers-eaters Sunday brunch at Dava's Farmhouse in Paonia Sunday I took a Gypsy Spirit Day with my  SWIRL sisters for a Sunday brunch at Dava's Farmhouse Inn […]

Home Again

There's nothing more wonderful than coming home after 2 weeks on the gypsy spirit trail. The IEATA conference was just incredible! I am re-energized and blown away by the powerful explosion […]

Gypsy Spirit Outpost-Cambridge, MA

Hi to everyone from Cambridge, MA.  I tried to post before I left, but it was a bit hectic getting ready to present. We will have two Salon members in […]