So…since turning 50 + 2 this weekend, I've taken to pondering…

what exactly does it mean to "act your age?


This is a confusing time to be a woman over a certain age…

You've all heard…

40 is the new 30…

50 is the new 40..

but what does all that REALLY mean…

and who exactly determines these things?


Am I supposed to follow these instructions?


or do I get to make my own? 

And now that I'm past that mid-life marker 

I ask you…

what's 52 supposed to act like?


Am I supposed to act like this?



or this? 


Mom with some Columbia Pictures pals near Palm Springs in the 1940's


or this




or this




or this




or this



in the end…

I guess it all boils down to one thing gals…




we get to ACT the age we feel inside and in the end make our own rules! 


Wanna join me?