Are you part of the 11%? Would you like to be? Listen to Marianne Williams talk about the power of love to heal. She talks about taking quantam leaps, but believes that in order for change to occur on a planetary basis, we have to first take them within ourselves. My dear friend Barry Chapman, who is an extraordinary musician sent me this link. Barry creates music that will most certainly heal our planet. Thank you Barry! I sure wish you had a link….

Of course this thrills me more then you could imagine as there is a lovely thread here to the premise of my book. I can’t say more about it right now, but trust me, the transformation begins within us first. So many of my clients feel helpless in the face of the worlds troubles and tragedies. I promise you this. If you start with yourself and your family first, the seeds of love, compassion and peace will spread one person at a time. How? Start by claiming responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and transforming your thoughts and experiences.

This week I got the most beautiful phone message from a student that I taught at my International Expressive Arts conference in May. Patricia said that learning my journal process has helped her substance abuse clients in a way that she could never imagined. She said that the clients have "submerged" themselves in the process and she has seen incredible transformations. This is what I mean, this is one person, who is now impacting many others. Each time I hear a story like this, I am filled with hope, that by living our passions and sharing our gifts and talents, we can truly heal the planet…one person at a time. By transforming our thoughts we create a beautiful web of hope and love.

Joseph Campbell tells us that we are in a form of meditation all day long. For most of us however, the meditations are filled with worry and stress. My Interactive Guided Imagery teacher David E. Bresler, PhD, asked a question that changed my life on the first day of my training in 1999, "How many of you have ever worked with guided imagery?" Only a few people raised their hands. "How many of you have ever worried?", he asked. A few giggles were heard through the room as every hand went up. With a smile on his face he replied, "Guess what, that is a form of imagery, it is just a negative one!" From that moment on, I worked with my mind so I would no longer waste energy worrying about the things that might never, ever occur and devoted that same energy-which was sucking me dry I might add-to making my dreams come true. Was it easy? Goddess no, but it is a practice like anything else, and I am here to tell you…it works!!  Check out Marianne’s clip!

Contribute: How has changing your thinking supported you to step into your dreams?

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  1. One thing that I noticed right away was that I lost my fear of others and of the world. Focusing on my own goals and on doing things from a loving place allowed me to heal and nurture strained relationships, and it continues to wipe away timidity about putting myself and my work out there for the world to see. Because I work from love and the inspiration my Inner Guide gives me, I have no doubt that it is for good. I don’t question as much as I used to, and I have much greater patience with others because I realize I am not under or potentially under anyone’s thumb but my own anymore. LOL

  2. Hi Jelaine,
    “Because I work from love and the inspiration my Inner Guide gives me, I have no doubt that it is for good.”
    Thanks for posting your thoughts, this is exactly the place that allows us to know we are on the right path.
    Enjoy the weekend!