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Expedition Participant LUV note:
 “This has been the best by far spiritual journey I have ever gone on. My companions all were so unique and shared so much creativity that I hunger for more. I thought I knew something of myself, but, this journey made me really focus and take a look at my soul from the inside. This will be a permanent change for me and the start of New Beginnings….” Mindy, R., Pennsylvania

 Wooo hooo! Are you ready to ride your dreams into the sunrise? So many of you have written and asked for the Creative Awakenings on-line coaching workshop, so I put on my purple boots and designed this program just for you, so you can begin to live a more creative and intentional life! Let’s saddle up and get your life moving in the direction of your True North! 

Perhaps you are reading Creative Awakenings and wondering how to integrate the practices and principles into you life. Perhaps you have already embarked on the journey, and lost your way, and feel that a group of fellow travelers would be just perfect to keep you on track. No matter where you are in the Creative Awakenings journey, or on your life path, this adventure is for you. 

EXPEDITION Participant LUV note: 
 “The Creative Awakenings expedition has been a wonderful experience. Specifically, it has introduced me to the world of acrylic painting (LOVE IT!), and most importantly, it has brought me back to myself. The expedition has awakened many things within me: What I REALLY want for my life; putting a plan in place to make it happen; returning to the Jungian dream-art work I have done in the past which helps me conquer toads and dream bandits; and just enjoying expressing myself through writing and painting.” Marie-Clare P., Texas

“What is calling YOU?”

Expedition: The Level One Guided Adventure: We will be filling out our Visa’s for the 30-day Level One-Guided Expedition. This workshop is not for the feint of heart, as we will be exploring unchartered territory that can sometimes cause us to feel a little tentative. Don’t be afraid, as your FEISTY and FEARLESS guide, I’ve walked many miles in your shoes. I feel confident that I can lead you through the deep woods, clearing the path to find True North, so you’re ready to step fully into the possibilities for your life. 


Amazon Reader Book Reviews: 

“I highly recommend this book to those Feisty Females out there who are ready to kick up their heels, shout “Wooo Hoooo,” and stomp all over the Venomous Toad Committee that always has pins poised to prick their dream bubbles. Gaynor is right on the trail with us, spurring us on. You can’t miss the shine glancing off her vibrant cowboy boots, or the invitation she is holding out, for a life filled with passion and purpose.” Carol Weibe, Artist, Silver Springs Studio, Ontario, Canada

Sheri Gaynor’s book Creative Awakenings is wonderfully accessible. She clearly lays out a fun way to access your dreams and create your best life through art and intention. Lovely images and inspiring creations abound. The book offers many techniques and prompts – but it’s so much more than a “how to” book. Sheri invited a dozen artists to engage in her process and share their resulting art and narratives. It’s a book to read and use and read some more. Creative Awakenings has nudged me to be more playful in my art and more intentional in my life. On top of all of that, Sheri is creating a community of artists who are using this book as a common ground. If you have any interest in expanding your creativity, envisioning a better life, or connecting with like minded folks, then I highly recommend Creative Awakenings! Calax Harris, North Carolina

The Expedition Itinerary:

On Wednesday each week, you will receive an email in your box with a randomly chosen card from the Deck of Transformation included in the book. This is where you will begin. The card invites you to work with the Guiding Principles of the EnVision Process. 

The weekly email will have instructions that guide you to the trail head for the adventures and activities for the week, so you can work on your own at your own pace. 

The workshop includes a private blog address, video tutorials, personal interaction with me, and other travelers on the journey. There will be activities between sessions to support you in deepening you understanding of the book and process, to encourage you to incorporate this practice into your daily life. 


 This adventure is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. What I had hoped would be a pleasant diversion, turned out to be a major transformational experience, setting me on a path I had long waited to walk. Creating my art of intention pieces, chatting with my Dream Ally, and being part of a community of extraordinary women, was my anchor during a particularly challenging time of my life. I am grateful for the support I received, and feel honored to have been a witness to the process of my fellow adventurers. I am forever changed by their presence in my life. Sheri ~ I can’t thank you enough. blessings, Lisa, B.

The Expedition includes: 

  • Personal interaction through a private blog site with author Sheri Gaynor through ROCKIN’ video introductions to the weeks adventure and a weekly group Dream Spirit coaching call. 

-Featuring videos such as: 
-A Personal Welcome to the Expedition 
-How to work with the EnVision Art of Intention Process
-Tilling the Soil of the Soul 
-Color Washing 
-Dancing with Synchronicity  
Milestone Passport Cover!!!! 
                                -WOW! That’s a lot of inspirational JUICE!

  • A Dream Ally to partner for the adventure, to help you stay accountable
  • An amazing built in DREAM TEAM to help you stay on the trail
  • A complimentary copy of the EnVision Guided Imagery Download
  • A free Goodie for your journal each week

Week One: Beginnings 


Week Two: Tilling the Soil

Tend Your Garden of Dreams
Week Three: Dancing with Synchronicity

Week Four: Personal Spirit Statement


and MORE…..


Travelers Advisory: Space in this 30-Day guided tour is limited. Your commitment and engagement in this process will allow us to have a successful workshop. I encourage you to look in your heart and make sure you can fully commit to the adventure at this time. Remember, there is perfect timing for everything. To support you and your fellow travelers in this way, I am requesting that you Download Participant Questionaire stating your interest in joining the adventure at this time. 

Please contact me with any questions you might have, that’s what guides are for!

Once you’ve been accepted for this particular adventure, you will receive your Passport which includes: Flight plans, packing list and payment instructions.


I have so enjoyed working with you both over the past few months; it has been and will always remain, I know,an unforgettable season in my life.  Perhaps the most, as I feel so poised over the brink of everything good about to happen.  And have never felt happier or more solid in myself, my work, and my place in the world.  It is as if all of my dreams are literally coming true, and I am so grateful to you both for Being There, for listening so beautifully, and for reminding me to come home to myself over and over again.~ KZ, California

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