Dancing with DreamWeaver Sunday. A birthday gift for my dad's 79th. He's four months cancer free!

DreamWeaver Sunday is a beautiful mare I rescued from a very bad situation and a nasty horse trader. I have no history about her except that she'd had a 9-year old baby that had been with her and was sold separately.

Sunday was quite shut down for the first year. It has taken time to build mutual trust, and respect. She has taught me patience, love and leadership. She made me work for it. I don't blame her a bit. She's been my teacher in that way.

For me personally, it's been a very difficult 6-years of grief and transition, beginning with the loss of my mother. In many ways, Sunday has rescued me. She and I are rising from the ashes together.

This is a manifestation of a childhood dream for this wanna-be cowgirl. It was my father who took me to riding lessons every Sunday (interestingly enough she came with the name), so I made this video to thank him for supporting my passion.

May marked our 2-year anniversary together. I am NOT a horse trainer and this is my first horse. No treats were used. DreamWeaver Sunday is teaching me about resilience. We are learning to dance the Mystery together. This may not be a perfect dance, but what in life is?

She was a good sport, poor thing; I'd braided a raven feather into her hair so she'd be fancied up for my dad. It was driving her crazy, so you'll see a lot of head shaking toward the end. It's not anger, it's tickle torture!

Thank you for watching. Thank you for you comments. They mean the world to me.

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A special thank you to my teacher and mentor Linda Kohanov (as well as the many other amazing mentors at Eponaquest: Carol, Shelly, ML, Sue, Brent...) for sharing the Power of the Herd and the gift of horse dancing with me. Visit Eponaquest.com for more information about Linda's worldwide programs and her books.

Thank you Lauren Knigge (Age 16) for filming this beautiful video! First take. Extraordinary!

Thank you Sunday for calling me back to you in a dream…

Music by Jason Mraz, I Won't Give Up. I am working on buying a license to this song and awaiting information.