Woooo Hoooo! I am all aglow having survived my first day in the photo studio. What a blast. I felt like the Vanna White of the craft world. Editor Tonia and photographer Tim were very helpful in taking me under their wing.


Tonia sat right beside me, taking notes on her computer. It was like having an angel over my shoulder, while Tim clicked away. It was all very casual, you could tell they do this everyday and now that I know what I am up against, I feel a lot more relaxed about it all. I did my prep work and that was KEY! Did I say KEY?  Yes, remember Feisty women, preparation is everything. My motto, when in doubt, over prep!

We went for a lovely lunch in Madeira,and sat outside in the warm sun by a little waterfall. The pizza was delicious and it was wonderful to be sitting with the bright green buds and chickadees.

I am ready for day 2!