Oh…today did not start off very blissful. I broke a molar yesterday so it was a challenging morning getting patched up. I am dentist phobic, but love my dentist. I know he's taking care of me, but 5 years of childhood braces and some bad teeth really did me in. Right after that, I ran to teach my blogging basics class, with a swollen face and coffee leaking out of my mouth. The ladies had a good laugh attempting to understand me as I sounded like Elmer Fudd on acid. 

I am trying to turn the day around by telling myself that if I get all this mercury out of my mouth, my teeth and I will be healthier for it! Bliss? Well not exactly, but a walk with Blue by the river was helpful for sure. I still look like a chipmunk all swelled up..but it could be worse…that's Bliss…it comes and goes…back in the saddle tomorrow. 

Thank you to everyone in the Salon and here on the blog who are blissin' this holiday season. If you haven't claimed your badge or received on from me. Email me  and I will send you one. 

This is really exciting. I love that we are holding the energy and intention of a peaceful holiday together. Accountability works!

If you have a Holiday Bliss Tip or Ritual that you would like to share, please write a little article and I will post you as a guest author here and on my blog.

The only "rule,"-yes you know how much I dislike that word-is that it has to be something that adds simplicity to your holiday season…or BLISS.

Please send your brief article, along with a small jpeg, your full name, and a link to your site, to me at feistyfemales@gmail.com.

Ho Ho ho…sheri


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  1. Hi Sheri. I was just looking for more of your art from the class you did with Misty Mawn. I so love the piece you did which I had found on flickr. Presuming you’ve been far too busy with other bits of life.
    Instead I found THIS fabulous picture. My goodness. It is fabulous. It brings to me a feeling of being enraptured. Thank you for sharing with us this beauty.
    Angels be with you.

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