Today I am going to Bliss by joining Magpie Girl's 8 things Thursday's game.

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Here is an excerpt from her blog:

Here’s my *8Things for a Peaceful Holiday  list for this year. 

1. Make a meaningful gift for the immediate family members. (Hello!)
2. Bake Paul’s favorite Christmas cookie.
3. Sing with the Copenhagen Gospel Singers, and the Jr. Gospel Singers.
4. Bake muffins once a week to get Catie out of bed through the dark season.
5. Light the Advent wreath. Pass on the story.
6. Dole out the Christmas picture books at the breakfast table, one each day through Advent.
7. Show my parents the hyggliet bits of a Danish Jule.
8. Decorate the tree and set a pretty table Christmas Eve.

What’s NOT on the list:stay up too late making a zillion kinds of cookies; attend every cool event in town; make an elaborate meal and collapse with a migraine before I can eat it; stress out trying to finish handmade gifts at the last minute (tho I will buy handmade as much as possible!); spend more than I can afford on presents; stress out trying to get everyone dressed and out the door to a zillion church services.

What’s on your *8Things for a Peaceful Holiday list?

I'm going into the studio to create a Bliss page with my list. I'll post it up here for you to see so check back. Would you like to Bliss by joining me today in this adventure? Leave a comment below! xxoo

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  1. Great idea! I’m going to art journal about bliss too. That’ll be for tomorrow, though. I’m making ornaments for Etsy tonight.

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