Flu season is hitting our area pretty hard this year. We are on our second round of the crud, my poor hubby being the victim both times. Miraculously, I managed to stave off the worst of it each time, but my poor body is fighting hard.  Not a lot of extra energy for much at the moment.

I have to walk my talk and take a day to recover, so today is the day. It’s not likely any brilliant words will flow from my brain in this state, so it feels like it’s hot bath, tea and naps for me.

Sorry for the lag in posts.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon…and I’m glad you know how to take care of yourself and take some down/recovery time!

  2. Thanks Ash, this too shall pass and I am happy I took that day to rest, it is so important to know when to wave the white flag!

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