Last week we had our first gatherings of the Creative Spark “Muse Makers,” so we could begin dreaming into manifestation, our ideas for The Spark!

Our first gathering turned into an impromptu sunset drum and dance circle! This is just the energy we hope to bring to the studio, a sense where sparks ignite and anything can happen. (Sorry for the fuzzy image, it’s from my iPhone). Tears flowed as we attracted “strays,” who were curious to find out what was happening. The moment allowed me to know we were no longer dreaming, we were living the studio’s mission and potential. 


Construction has started and the building is almost 100% leased. After waiting 4 years (not including the 30 I’ve held this concept in my heart) and participating in many 3rd St. preliminary discussions, I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this amazing project. I keep joking that I hope they have put the roof on securely, as the energy inside of collaboration and community, might just blow that top off! 

It goes to show what is possible even when there is an economic depression-yes I meant to say depression. Many of our locals are hurting. I’ve reduced my fees to continue to serve my community. Many have lost jobs in a place that does not have a big selection of opportunity. Construction came to a grinding halt, which was the bread and butter of many working folks here. This building has provided an opportunity for all of us to reawaken to what’s possible in regard to community and sustainability. As one of the independent contractors told me at the dog park yesterday, “It’s good to see all the old timers out working on the interiors of the spaces.” It put a smile on my face, knowing that our team are just some of those folks. It’s a great circle of abundance…..

Thank you to the board of directors of The Third Street Center for your hard work and for helping to make so many of our dreams a reality. An extra big hug to Interim Executive Director Colin Laird who has the patience of a saint and who has been incredibly supportive to me during this process. And thanks to Ro Mead and Amy Kimberly of CCAH, for your love and encouragement and reminding me to kick fear in the ASS! 

To my fellow founders, Laura Kirk and Toni Grenko, and my tribe of muses, my heart to all of you…here we GROW! 

Here’s a little sneak preview for you of our space in transition. Got a hammer?