DreamTime Sticker
It's DreamTime Monday. As I look back on last month's Art of Intention, which was about finding a home for my business as well as collaboration and it's kind of hard to believe how far things have come in one month's time!! I am now working from my new community based studio, The Mandala Studio: A center for expressive arts and transformation, I have 3 spiritual partners in this venture and we've held our first class! 

As we move into the month of November, we enter that time of year where self-care becomes a bit more challenging, so I hope you will join me in creating your November Art of Intention this month and EnVisioning where your heart really wants to go this month. Post your Art of Intention in the Salon along with your stated affirmation.

It was a wonderful juicy and playful weekend at our new studio. We hosted our first event, Painting Your Heart Out! for Mom's and Kids. It started as a small party, but the main participant got sidetracked by the Denver blizzard, so we put out the word and opened the doors. I'm so glad we did, as we had a fantastic time shaking our booties to Toni's drum beats, creating a community mural and allowing our inner artist's to blossom. One of the mom's said, "I could stay here and do this all day!", and I knew exactly what she meant. It's not often we give ourselves that time to just be. To be in the moment of the experience with no rules, to-do's or negative self-talk. 

A good time was had by all!

It was a coming home of sorts for me, as it's been 3 years since I have had my own studio. In this process, I have realized how shackled I have felt not having a consistent place to host my workshops and classes and how much I have missed teaching while writing the book.  I realized how limiting things had become as I struggled to find "appropriate," places to host my wild and messy classes. It's still a little confining, as we have to be careful not to get the carpet ruined and there isn't a sink in the space, but I am used to winging it and I love the feeling of opening the door and knowing I have a place for my heart to rest for awhile. 

Kawak share's his painting

Toni after her first class! "Now we have to clean up??"