DreamTime Sticker

It has been an extraordinary beginning to March. My favorite movie is Field of Dreams. "If you build it they will come," is the mantra I repeated over and over to myself, as I wrote the book and began building the interactive Creative Awakenings Salon. 

Yesterday was EnVistion DreamTime Monday in the Creative Awakenings Salon, and I can now see how mantra and intention has manifested. Action + hard work = manifestation! 

We have members from all over the country and the world, including South Africa and Italy! It is truly a dream come true. To see the women interacting, meeting one another, and cheering one another on with DREAM SPIRIT, fills my heart with joy!

The first Monday of each month, we will be creating our EnVision Art of Intention pieces in the Book of Dreams. To read more about the EnVision Art of Intention™ process see page
18 in the Creative
Awakenings book

The members of the Salon began posting their Art of Intention™  work and sharing stating their intentions with one another, themselves, and inviting synchronicity to dance with their dreams. 

Here is my Art of Intention piece for March-WILD AND FREE-and my stated intention:

"I will continue to interact with this piece, as it does not quite feel finished yet. I think she has something to whisper to me. I have been missing nature. With the changing of the season and the warmer air, I feel that innate pull to be outside. Finding balance between technology and what feeds my soul is my stated intention for March. I look forward to seeing what will be revealed."

NOTE: Part of the Art of Intention journey is to continue to allow our intentions speak to us and evolve over the month. 


You can begin by creating your very own book of

What you will need:

-Full Instructions for this process are outlined in the Creative
Awakenings book.

-You will need 9×12 hardcover spiral bound sketchbook.