Yesterday we learned the concept of Sentient Communication. The basic premise is that of mutual respect, through understanding non-verbal cues.

Those of you who have worked with me have learned that language is only 10% of how we access information. When we deepen our connection (ReAwaken) our other 90%, we have access to our bodies and breath, as both a tuner and amplifyer.

Most of us have been acculturated and domesticated out of our deep inner wisdom. For some of us it’s through social conditioning, educational and work institutions and for others it’s through trauma.

This work has the capcity to ReWILD our authentic and true nature, allowing us renewed access to creative innovation and mature, healthy leadership.

This is NOT “woo woo.” Thanks to research, we now have studies, that provide evidence based data. As I have said, the work continues to be life changing for me and for my clients.

Try it out today. Pick your heads up from your digital devices or put them away as you engage with the public today and tune into your bodies wisdom. What do you notice? What do you feel?

Have a great day, may the herd be with you!