Study hall at Eponaquest! We are now in the process of weaving together all we have learned in service to the apprentices now stepping over the threshold to become facilitators.

Yesterday afternoon our small groups began navigating our way through creating a one-day workshop. Before we started, my group pulled cards from The Eponaquest Way of the Herd deck to support our process. I received the Promise card. “Auspicious Beginnings; Conscious Birth; Nourishing New Life. A chestnut mare nuzzles her foal, nickering softly. Her newborn feels the promise of his long legs; his first instinctive thought – to stand! “

My heart filled with joy, it was so fitting! Mature leadership is a delicate balance between leading and the willingness to stand back without micromanaging, allowing others to find their way and bring their gifts forward. In that moment I felt as if I was handing the baton to my group in service to encouraging them to step into all of the gifts they bring to the idea of authentic leadership.

There are aspects to group process that can be challenging. There are stages to group formation that can be difficult, if a ground has not been laid for how to work through issues that inevitably will surface. What I have come to believe is that the tools we have been gifted through this work, offer a safe container for ‘difficult conversation” when challenges arise. I have come to use the term “courageous conversation,” as I was extremely conflict avoidant in my earlier years. When I learned from Linda about the Fulani culture and the rite of passage called the Sharro, it made more sense for me to think about this concept as finding the courage to speak my truth in service to clearing and healing.

Linda walked over to let us know she was letting a few of the horses out to run free on the property. They were free for about 30 minutes. When we completed our outline, moving through some issues with truth and authenticity, the horses came over to see us. In this moment we stopped and realized we’d received an affirmation. A blessing of sorts, that we had started down the right path.

Photo used with permission of my AMAZING apprentices.