Experience Transformation


Thirty years ago, there was no research to prove the power of experiential modalities. As a renegade, I’ve never really felt the need to have the research, but sometimes there’s a need to have the facts. Thankfully research has caught up with what I’ve always known, sometimes language isn’t enough. If you’re someone who would enjoy reading a published research project,  you can access one here.

I know from my own life journey the power these modalities have to move us beyond our “story/linear mind,” and into our intuitive wisdom, the place where creative innovation lives.  These modalities have kept me sober since 1991, supported and effectively kept bio-chemical depression at bay and given me tools to move through the trials of daily living. I continue to be amazed by the transformative benefits to my clients every day,

The most common response to my work is, “I have no way to articulate what just happened, but I feel different.” Quite frankly, that’s when I know a shift has occurred, as the power of this work isn’t through language, it’s happening on a cellular level.

Be prepared…SHIFT HAPPENS…fast! 

Equine Facilitated Learning + Psychotherapy

“The horse sees beyond the masks we wear and support us in seeing the ways in which we keep ourselves small. These sentient and generous creatures show us the way to authenticity, coherence and the truth our potential without speaking a word.”  ~Sheri

Relationship-Centered. Solution Focused. Powerful Results. 

As an Eponaquest Instructor and Licensed psychotherapist, I weave the alchemy of creativity with the wisdom and power of horses. As both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist (EAP), my work differs from traditional Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), as you will benefit from the professional insights of a trained psychotherapist as well as an Equine Facilitated Learning instructor, deepening the power of this work to support your personal and professional transformation.

Through the power of horse wisdom and holistic practices such as body scanning, mindfulness, creative expression, equine facilitated coaching supports you in deepening your relationship with yourself and your emotions. The horse as muse and mentor supports you to uncover powerful metaphors for your life and relationships, deepening your connection to your authentic spirit.


Expressive Arts 

The realm of creative expression and insight is available to us all, not just a chosen few. ~Sheri

There is a longstanding myth that one must “be an artist,” in order to draw, paint or express oneself creatively. The truth is we are all innately creative beings, yet somewhere along our path, this aspect of our life force was lost or abandoned.

Her program is rooted in Sheri’s book, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art, and uses creative process as a vehicle for self-discovery and personal growth. Creative expression supports you in uncovering person metaphors through symbol, imagery, color, and metaphor.