The Creative Awakenings Equus-heART Expressive Arts Training

ReCreate Your Life and Career

Imagine a co-creative week in the gorgeous landscape of the Rocky Mountains, working one-to-one with Sheri. In this beautiful environment, we’ll weave the alchemy of creativity, with the wisdom of horses, to master the Eponaquest* 4-point method of emotional agility.


Are you a therapist feeling stifled in your practice, seeking new tools to reawaken your passion?  


Are you an equine coach or equestrian specialist, looking for unique and creative activities to support your clients?  


Are you someone feeling ready for what’s next in their life and interested in a career that supports others, while also enlivening your life?



Dancing Between the False and the Authentic Self

Five days of the intensive one on one work with Sheri Gaynor was beyond my expectations. It was an experience that words cannot describe. Together we moved through the process of creativity with art, movement as herd held the space for transformation to unfold in the field. My life has been altered to the new heights forever. I embodied my authentic self, looked at false self as I let go of the behavioral patterns that kept me stuck in the rut in the past.
We all danced for five days, in real and dream time, through the fields of both humanity and horses. Sheri walked by me and witnessed the process as she allowed me to dance and move through my repressed emotions. She fully felt and reflected the wisdom of the horses as I traveled from false self into embodying the authentic self.

The last day of integration was the culmination and the most powerful part of the training. I danced towards the herd and was asked to fully connect within my hearts’ deepest desire and ask “Who will be my dance partner?” This thought rushed in “What if they do not allow me to dance. What if I get rejected?” All the horses formed the circle and closed in. When I voiced the self-doubt, horses lined up and showed my dance partner. I still did not notice, Sherri pointed out what just happened.

I walked with my dance partner into the round pen for our dance. After arrival, I asked Marley to start moving and he did not. I felt sadness and asked Mary to help me release it as I was not going through my mind to figure it out what was it about. The thought came in, “Will this be our last dance?” I looked at his face he had a tear rolling down his eye. We both knew that we were complete and it was time to say goodbye to my false self. Marley walked towards the gate, unhooked the chain, opened the gate and let Takota in who had been silently holding space outside the round pen. I tuned into my body, loosened up and was ready for a dance with my new self. I allowed Takota to walk forward, with commitment and self-confidence.

Sheri coached me so that I could pass the threshold of the round pen into the arena where I felt deeper bonding, intimacy, and gratitude towards Takota on a heartfelt level.

That afternoon in the studio with Sheri, I decided to get messy and have fun with art materials. My takeaway from the immersion process was that I could still keep parts of my old creative self and dance with the new that is still emerging as I embrace each step with joy, fun, acceptance and play.

As I am writing this just a few days after the training, I am allowing in more joy, beauty, and nurturing. I have stepped into life fully, as I allow my new self to emerge with trust and faith. I catch myself as I hear Sheri’s voice “What is happening?” I release the breath, check in and go back to grazing, -creating with GUSTO. The partnership with my husband and others are transformed.

Thank you Sheri

P.S. Her airB&B accommodations fabulous

Radmila Ilic Abram

Radmila Abram

Founder/Owner, Healing Art Counseling

The Creative Awakenings Equus-heART Immersion is the fast track to my Creative Awakenings Expressive Arts teacher training. Many of you shared that it was challenging to step away from your work and life for 4 months at a time. I heard you and I’ve answered the call!

I’m now offering a 7-day intensive expressive arts facilitator training!  The beauty of my 30-year career as an experiential practitioner it’s never gotten old, I LOVE my clients and practice and every day is a new adventure! I would LOVE to support you in feeling the same way!

Not for the feint of heard, Bootcamp for the Soul! is a deep-dive intensive, designed to get you up and running as an experiential practitioner in 7 days. 

The Creative Awakenings Equus-heART Private Immersion™  offers you 4-hours a day of custom, intensive, transformational coaching, to support you moving past your perceived blocks, awakening to your true authenticity and discovering the life you are truly meant to be living

We begin with an inquiry. What is calling you? As we move into the field of dreams, we begin to live into the question, not seeking answers per say, but allowing the alchemical process of creativity and horses to unfold and inform.

Through encounters with the herd, meaningful conversation, expressive arts, writing, and mindfulness practices, Sheri’s Creative Awakenings EnVision process expands, giving you the confidence you need, to reach for and live the life of your dreams! Using Sheri’s book Creative Awakenings, as our guidebook, you’ll be supported to uncover, discover and EnVISION your true hearts longing. 

This retreat/workshop is appropriate for all levels, never-ever’s to expert. If you’re new to horses, or even timid about the idea, never fear! This is a fantastic opportunity to partner with a horse, in a safe and nurturing environment, experiencing the wisdom of the herd, through an energetic and spiritual connection.

In doing so, you will deepen your relationship with your authentic self, build confidence, improve communication, enhance natural leadership skills. You’ll reconnect with your true nature and your intuitive knowing.

Experience the gift of the horse as muse, guide, and mentor. Replenish and immerse yourSELF in the beauty of your surroundings with horses, delicious cuisine, and lovely accommodations. Groups bookings are welcome. Please inquire.

BONUS: This retreat qualifies as an Eponaquest WorldWide Introductory workshop, allowing you to enroll in future advanced level workshops with Linda Kohanov.

Equus-heART Bootcamp for the Soul 

  • Eight hours a day of custom, intensive and transformational coaching
  • Deepen your relationship with your creative self
  • Build confidence and leadership skills as a creativity coach
  • Increase your experiential toolbox
  • Enhance natural leadership skills
  • Reconnect with your true nature
  • Strengthen your intuitive wisdom
  • Learn by doing
  • Uncover and identify strengths and challenges within your personal and career dynamic
  • Qualifies as an Eponaquest Introductory Workshop allowing you to take Advanced Workshops with Linda and her instructors
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