It was day two of Extreme Studio Makeover. Kathy and I had worked tirelessly all day on Friday and my body was feeling it. Yep, I am almost 50 gals, those snap back days are long behind me! Decisions had been made, things thrown away, yet the space actually looked like a tornado had blown through! It was time for a shopping trip to contain the clutter. 

Kathy was nice enough to meet me at our new Target. I had already seen my dream studio bins, but had not purchased anything until I knew I needed them and they would function well within the space. I also was looking for a more functional art table. The one I had was great, it was almost 30 years old, but it took up a lot of room and had no storage below it. I was looking for a kitchen cart, but it had to be the perfect cart at the right price. When on a budget, my advice, go with a list and a friend who can keep you from throwing tempting, useless, shiny items in your cart, that will not serve the purpose. 

Part two of Extreme Makeover will show you what we found. 

Stay tuned….Our next addition (Part Three) will feature the finished studio and scenes from our first Feisty Females Creative Awakenings Adventure Camp, here this weekend. Do you think we can fit 9 creative people in 165 sq ft? I am still a tad nervous…so keep your fingers crossed.