I have such mixed feelings about this time of year. I am surrounded by beauty, yet always have a difficult time saying goodbye to the warmth of spring/summer. Growing up freezing, in damp upstate New York winters, reminds me of the blessing of living at almost 9000 ft. SUN, SUN, SUN, and lusciously dry winters.

During this time of year, the story of Persephone and her journey to the underworld lie just at the surface of my consciousness.   Knowing that all seasons bring new awareness and winter is a perfect time for us to go inward, to dance with the shadow. Remember, shadow isn’t necessarily a "bad" thing-as some might lead us to believe. For many of us it is the rich fertile soil that blooms the seeds of creativity.


Things that help me fall into fall:

Contribute: What helps you fall into fall?

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  1. What REALLY helps is starting my winter crocheting projects-that helps me make the adjustment-makes me realize in my head that fall is here and winter soon will be. Also, making my son’s favorite fall/winter soup with the smell of it wafting thru the house; fall garden chores. I am a spring-summer person; I don’t deal with Midwest winters well at all. Fall, while beautiful, is the herald to winter.

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