What a glorious 2 weeks with artist Holly Roberts. I literally feel as if my artist eyes are seeing the world in a whole new way. Colors are brighter and now make more sense to me and I met some wonderful and prolific artist’s.  I have been going to Anderson Ranch for almost 20 years and I have to say that I have missed these last few years that I have not attended. There is something wonderful about being in an environment where everyone is fully connected to their creative life. Most of the artist’s who attend the Ranch are full time working artist’s and there are several disciplines like sculpture, photography and ceramics at work, so it is very inspiring to walk in and out of the other studios. These two weeks were the intensives and each of us was deeply immersed in our process. Truly yummy!

I am still working on my pieces, as Holly has invited me to slow down. What a gift. As a journal artist, who works with her shadow life, I tend to work fast and furiously, to get it all out. These two weeks have taught me to smell the roses and to look at my canvas as a puzzle to be solved rather then an explosion. The narrative work evolves as a true story, one that reveals itself over time and not in a frenzy. There is a place for it all and my journals will remain that place for revelation and healing, but my paintings will evolve into an organic meditation. You can see the evolution of birdwoman over the two weeks from the first posting. She is not complete yet, but close. She is still whispering in my ear….

I have so much gratitude to Anderson Ranch and my scholarship sponsor for allowing me to dive in with Holly. It was a gift that will truly keep on giving. And to my dear teacher and friend Holly….thank you for you kindness, your honesty, your patience and compasssion.  I look forward to what’s next.


Holly Roberts




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  1. Hiya Sheri!
    What an incredible experience at Anderson Ranch — so many gems of wisdom. Your work is dazzling — on fire!
    Thank you for your sweet comments my dear.

  2. Sheri…great work! Some day I hope to take lessons in person although the Suzi Blu workshop is great and I’m learning a lot. Keep arting! It’s all good!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. You work is wonderful too. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Glad I looked, as I did not receive a notice!

  4. oh i just love what your doing am i so glad i found you on the web…you have inspired me to slow down and listen to what the painting is saying….i started some expressive painting last nite…im reading a book by Ava Gold..and let me tell you it is challenging……… 🙂

  5. Awesome Roberta! Ava’s book is wonderful. Slowing down is great and the intuitive painting is so much different for me than what I worked on with Holly. The intuitive-expressive allows me do dive in, make a mess and allow my wild heart to sing. Slowing down and tuning in is part of the process to getting out of my head and into my unconscious. I am so glad you stopped by. I have added you to my inspiration list!
    Best wishes,