In her book and CD series, The Second Half of Life, Angeles Arrien speaks of the 8-gates of initiation we walk through during our lifetime. This week I feel as though I have walked through a new gate, as I learned that an old friend has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

In November’s newsletter, I wrote of Gratitude. Today, I feel that and so much more as I remember just how much I have in my life to be grateful for. I am Grateful today for: The doctors who found the illness when they did, grateful that is is the "best kind of cancer" one can have if your going to have it, grateful that the family will be here for Thanksgiving, and grateful that I can honor them with a warm and loving home and good food to help their grieving hearts.

Today I am reminded how precious each moment is and how important it is to let the rest go….

"Help us to be the always
hopeful gardeners of the spirit
who knows that without
darkness nothing comes to
birth. As without light
nothing flowers."

~May Sarton, Journal of Solitude