Feature Article from December 2007 Newsletter:

Happy December! Are you starting to feel surges of panic and overwhelm and you know it’s not a hot flash? My guess is it’s the holiday buzz getting to you. So grab a cup of tea and read on, I am here to help.

I am starting our Circle of Giving: Gifts from the Heart guide today. I will try to post something at least a few times a week through December, but I would love your help.  What is a Gift from the Heart? It is a gift that keeps on giving and forms a circle of both giving and receiving. When you give the gift someone feels great, and you feel even better for giving it! How about that? I started this tradition last year and I had the best holiday season ever. Each gift I gave was selected or created with love, so it was not purchased or made with pressure or haste. After all gift giving is a tithing, a recognition, a way to say I care about you. It doesn’t mean the more gifts we give the more we will be loved, or the more we gifts we get the more loved we are. That way of giving and receiving is about filling empty holes in our soul.The problem is the well has a crack at the bottom and will never be completely filled, as we are looking in the wrong place. Sadly, It teaches our kids the same value. I wrote about this idea in last year’s December newsletter and it was a big hit, so I thought I would expand on the concept.

Here’s how Gift from the Heart works:

  • Socially conscious giving and spending.
  • Give something hand made with love (baked goods, knitted scarves, cards…)
  • Purchase with what I call, Buddha Bucks (a conscious intention and thought goes into every penny spent)
  • Re-gift with truth and let them know why this gift was passed on to them. Give something that comes from your heart and soul (jewelry, clothing, baby clothes)
  • Each gift must practice the idea of sustainability
  • Your gift will contribute to life, community or world well-being, or at least detract from the it

Do you have some ideas? Speak up! I have no idea if anyone is out there listening, but I love writing, so I don’t really care if I am talking to myself, but I want to hear from you!  Where are all you Feisty Females™? Why so shy?I know you are reading, I can see the stats.  It’s time to share your thoughts…are you ready? Here is my post a comment challenge.

The first 10 people to post comments and suggestions for the Gift from the Heart guide, on holiday ideas will get a little gift from me. I am not going to share what it is, but I promise it will make you smile. It  is created by one of my clients and it is just awesome. You can read about her in December’s months newsletter, which will arrive in your e-box on Tuesday. In order to receive your gift, I will need you to leave contact info with your comment, or send it to me directly if you would like privacy. When I see 10 posts, I will close the comment section for this post.

Gift UNDER $20: Today’s Gift from the Heart is my absolute FAV magazine. ODE. I literally savor ODE when it comes. It is my morning jump start. Just think, positive stories over breakfast, instead of fear and negativity? I gave 3 subscriptions for this holiday season, and renewed my own.


Here is a brief description as seen on their site: "Ode brings you a world of inspiration and hope, reporting on meaningful
stories of people, culture, environment, integral science & health,
forward-looking politics, responsible business, and much more."

  • Contribute:
  • What do you think of ODE?
  • Got a conscious gift idea?  We want to hear it. Post a comment and share the link to your idea. If you are one of the first 10, a gift will be delivered to your door.