Good Sunday morning to you all! I am about to get ready for day 2 of the Roaring Fork Valley Studio Tours. I had a wonderful day yesterday at my friend Lyndsay's digital printing studio in Basalt and it was great to shoot the s–t with 3 other talented local artists-photographers. I love speaking the language of the creative process with other folks. I find it so inspiring to hear about their processes. Once again I was reminded how isolating the life of an artist can be…if we forget to make the effort to connect with other like or unlike minds.

I want to support everyone in taking some steps to put yourself out there in the public eye. On Friday, we had a conversation about the "measurement of success"-started by yours truly-in my Roaring Fork Leadership training program. Clearly I have a very broad and feminine understanding of this and I am really grateful for that, as it allows me to see the tiny steps, not just those the size of Sasquatch!

Here is how I felt successful yesterday: Lyndsay's studio is a bit off the beaten path and it took some effort and determination to find us (anyone see the metaphor?), in spite of that, I sold one print and a couple of books, but the true success was in the connections made to new people and faces who are interested and truly excited about my classes and workshops. I even made a contact for a connection to the Aspen Chapel Gallery-she approached me with the idea, after I talked with her about my process. I had no idea who she was when talking with her, thus proving on of my biggest personal motto's and important customer service rule, especially in this Valley…"You never know who you are dealing with, so treat EVERY person with kindness and respect! This possibility is simply FANTASTIC and quite thrilling to say the least!

It was nice to talk about the work and how it comes about and I remembered that not everyone understands how the artistic process happens. For those of you who are doing shows and events. Here is another piece of unsolicited advice. Don't sit around looking bored or reading a book in your booth-no matter how the show is going, especially in these financially challenging times. Look people in the eye as they walk by, smile and ask them how their day is going. You'll be surprised, how many will stop and feel welcomed into your booth space.

Off to shower and get ready for day two!

Thank you SO much for posting your Books of Dreams, your intentions and introducions, in the One Book Group,  in the Salon. Your stories have touched a place in the deepest place of my heart. It lets us know we have all walked a mile in one another's shoes! Let's keep walking down the path together!

Hugs and purple boots,
Your guide and CFO….Sheri