Hi to everyone from Cambridge, MA. 

I tried to post before I left, but it was a bit hectic getting ready to present. We will have two Salon members in my class today! WOOO HOOO, I finally get to meet a couple of you face to face…or sandal to sandal…as the case may be. 

The image above is from a trip to North, Boston to an amazing program called RAW which i had the pleasure to visit yesterday. INSPIRATION PLUS! This was the floor in the art room…need I say more? Perhaps we should tattoo this on our forearms and become the NO MISTAKE tribe! Okay, well at least you can hang it in your studio, on your fridge or your bathroom mirror, so you can be reminded everyday to play, play and make an unholy mess!

I will write more later this week, as I am off to present and have to gather my head…just wanted you all to know what was happening. 

And…to all our WONDERFUL new Salon members…WELCOME and thank you for joining us! 

Stay tuned,

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