Art courtesy: Fat Caddy Records

Last night my guy took his Feisty Female on a date to see the The Band of Heathens. They are from Austin, one of my favorite towns. WOW! These feisty brethren rocked the house. The room was small, so it was like a mosh pit of sweat as we were all overdressed for the massive amounts of snow that has been falling on our town for 2 weeks. I was roasting so finally peeled off the turtle neck down to my long john camisole (hey, that was pretty feisty I know, but it looked like tank-really it did!).

I am now officially a Heathen (not that I needed a shirt to prove it), as I bought myself some Heathen-ware. Their t-shirt design rocks. They have hip women’s shapes and sizes, which makes it really nice, form fitting ya know. I came home and downloaded their debut CD and had a great painting session today dancing in the studio, paint brushes in hand.

Check out their sound, you might just want to be a Heathen too!