I returned home Monday afternoon, from my extraordinary experience at the yurt in the mountains of Paonia, Colorado. It has been a bit of catch up ever since, as I was so disconnected I had to answer cell and email messages. If you have not disconnected lately, I highly recommend doing so at least once a year if possible to remember what was like when we were not so hard wired!   

My husband is on the Grand Canyon right now, on a 3-week river trip. I envied his ability to go this time, he is a five time veteran of the Grand. I have been blessed with two Grand Canyon river trips and once I got past my sheer-and undeserved-terror of the first one, they have become two of my favorite life experiences.  One of the aspects I remember most about those two trips was the glory of the silence within the canyon walls mirrored by the sound of the river and the natural surrounding elements. Silence truly is golden.

There is so much to write about my 3-days alone at the yurt. I brought my tripod, knowing I would need an assistant to do a few self-portraits! I journaled, hiked, danced, sang, and meditated. It took about two days, to actually relax enough to focus on the book, and hear what needed to come out. But I think  that is actually pretty normal, considering how fast paced my life is here at home.

I won’t bore you with all the journal entries, I will just share a few excerpts with you over the next few days.


"As I drove over McClure pass my lungs expanded and I felt the Wild Woman awaken, shake off the dust and come alive. “Yippee, another adventure!” she cried. It is moments like this when I feel connected to myself again, whole and authentic. They gypsy is free again, and it is like the deepest part of my soul meeting itself once again."


"The yurt is six miles up a winding road from town. I was told I would see it before I got to it. . As I counted off the miles and drove over the last ridge, I smiled as I saw the familiar white circle of canvas in a wild flower meadow just below."


"Stepping inside I was in awe, as I had never been inside one before, I had only seen photographs. I have always dreamed of having one or a straw bale house somewhere to retreat to. Barbe answered my prayers. One of my life goals is to build a small sustainable home where I can spend the rest of my days in harmony with nature.  Arriving at the yurt was more then I could have dreamed of. I had no idea what to expect, as I had not been here before. In some ways that made me a bit nervous, but in other ways it made this adventure more exciting."

"As the sun fades over the mountain I turn off the CD player and ask myself ”What is it to be with ourselves in silence?" At dusk I lit an oil lamp so I did not have to turn on the lights for a while. Honestly, I was not sure I remembered how to do that; it has been sometime, but like everything else, it is like riding a bicycle; you just get on and go. The flicker of the warm flame is just what I need to feel cozy and warm. Just prior to lighting the lamp, I had meditated and chanted on the deck. As I turned to go inside, I heard a snap in the woods and I knew it would not be long before someone showed them self. It is amazing what we tune into when everything is still and life is turned down. As I meditated I heard bees humming, birds singing and the sound of my own breath. Soon after, the deer appear a beautiful reminder to be gentle with myself this weekend."


‘The moon has risen in the twilight sky. The cicadas are singing their evening song.  I had been wondering what stage it was in. It is a waxing crescent moon!  The moon of ritual, ceremony, shaman’s and healers.  When I am in my life I forget how much as a woman I run in rhythm with her cycles.  The moon of shaman’s and healers.  What a perfect way to close my first day and a lovely entryway into the experience of retreat."

More tomorrow…