Home again…this has new meaning for me after this week in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my soul tribe. I feel renewed, inspired, filled up and my cup is overflowing. How is it we feel a deep sense of homecoming with those who know us? Those for whom no explanation of who we are, what we do, or what we believe is needed.

This was an international conference. I connected with people from Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Japan. What I realized was that language was not an issue, as our common language was expression and healing. When the "language" issue got tricky, we simply slowed down and shared on a deeper level. The level of expression. Simple, basic, pure hearted.


I have spent the morning wondering how the gathering of almost 400 people who came together to learn from one another and discover new things, could be expanded globally. How this desire for connection, could be moved out to the collective. Could our conference plant the seeds that could actually transform and heal our planet? Perhaps all that is required is our intention…

Journal Class


My beautiful assistant Aslihan from Turkey. I am so grateful for your help.

Walking Meditation


The Heart Center…