Hi all,

Hot Flash: Get in on the fun. I got this note from the lovely Claudine Hellmuth yesterday. If you could take a moment and read this, and view the links on Claudine’s site, we would sure appreciate it. You can read more about Bernie and the critters here.

From Ms. Claudine:

hey sweetie!!!

I  am trying to help my friend Bernie Berlin (you know bernie right?) who has a non-profit  (501c3) Animal Rescue that she runs all by herself. Last year alone she saved 500 puppies and kittens from death and placed them all in new homes by networking with other shelters.

ANYWAY, we are trying to help her win a grant of $50,000!!! And we are very close, but we need help spreading the word.

To win she needs to most amount of individual $10 donations (each donation must be from a different person to count for the grant) possible before Jan 31st. Her badge is #4 right now in the top ten badges but she needs stay in the top 4 to win the grant. and the other badges are catching up.

I thought it would help SO much if you were able to post even a couple words on your blog  or newsletter with a link to bernie’s blog.

A donation badge is on my blog here: and also at bernie’s blog here:

Each $10 is only counted once so we are trying to get most amount of people possible. If you can’t donate, that’s OK but if you could email all your friends and family and/or post to your blog it would be SO appreciated!

I am also giving away a 16×20 artwork to one donor who will be drawn at random. More info on my blog here:

thank you so much!!!

I’m inspired. I have donated AND I am going to put a piece of my artwork up too!

Biological Clock: "Although her biological clock was ticking, her mother always said to wait for Mr. Right"

How to win Biological Clock:
who donates just $10 before Jan 31st, will be entered into a chance to
win a gift of the above artwork! One person who will be picked at random from the
donors will win this 12×12 canvas. The piece was featured in my 2007 annual Wild Woman show.

you have already donated you are already entered. To increase your
chances of winning have your friends and family donate and put your
name in the dedication line when you check out. A reminder: we need the
most amount of donors to help A Place to Bark win this grant, not the
most amount of money. Each person who donates $10 will be counted only
once on the badge, so get your friends and family to donate too so we
can help Bernie win!!

Thanks for your help. You can donate to the cause by using the badge below!