Artbasel artist 

Unknown Exhibitor and his work. Art Basel, Miami 2009

I woke this morning thinking of the Salon and could not wait to get my morning chores done to share an idea. When I heard Mary Beth Shaw talk about discipline during our interview, I decided to make Friday's my personal <b>RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY DAY!</b>

While writing the book and navigating the terrain of also being an editor for 11 other artists, I had experiment with ways to balance my coaching practice, writing, creating the art for the book-and shows-and keeping on task with deadlines! For this right brained gal, that was no easy task, somewhat like pulling teeth without Novocain, but I was determined and came up with some great strategies that I have kept in place to this day. But now I am ready for something fresh, a blank canvas and a new way to kick into creative gear.
With 2009 in full swing and some wonderful creative partners the Creative Awakenings Salon, I am ready to declare <b> Friday's RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY DAY!</b>
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