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As we inch toward 2009 and what appears to be new opportunities and hope for all, I notice an intention surfacing. Each year I try to create an overall intention for the year as well as the monthly intentions I set on a smaller scale. This year’s theme…COLLABORATION!

As a solo-entrepreneur, it can get pretty isolating working alone every day. No one to brainstorm with, no one else to set intentions with and no one else to dream with. I can feel all that changing since the book. The book was a huge effort in collaboration. With 11 other generous artist’s giving of their time and experience, I was shown what is possible even with geographical challenges.

Saturday I had an opportunity to experience a very profound morning with some amazing women up at a local horse ranch. We have been kicking around the idea of bringing our gifts together to offer some cool and unique offerings for transformation and I was able to to experience what it would be like first hand.


Sheri on horseback circa 1963

One of my first loves was horses. That is so for many women. The relationship between horse and young girl can be a very powerful and healing experience. I know it was for me. I sat on my first horse at age three. FEARLESS….and gals…it is the only thing in life that has ever been that way for me. It has been almost a lifetime since I have spent any regular time with these phenomenally intuitive creatures and on Saturday, I was reminded of the power they have to transform often hidden issues. Before we began I used a deck of horse cards that one of the women brought with her to create an intention for myself. This was new to them, but familiar and important to my own process. I was grateful that Julie had the foresight to bring a deck I was unfamiliar with! I pulled Rasa Dance and Illumination.

In the photo collage I created, you see Bella, a wild mustang living her life on this beautiful ranch. Bella came toward me, without my being aware,  after we walked by her, on the way to another pasture. I was already feeling flooded with emotion following an encounter with Trigger-the Yellow Horse of Illumination-so I was not completely present to my surroundings as we walked.

The women I was with invited me to turn around and see who was trailing along and then told me a bit about her story. Bella and I spent almost 30 minutes together (with her friend Jesse one of the leaders daughter) nuzzling and "talking" to one another. At one point Bella reached for my jacket and with her teeth, lovingly nipped my heart. I almost heard her say to me, "Come back wild thing, we have missed you." That was no accident ladies…I can tell you that! 

They asked me if there was anything I could see in my imagination. I shared with them that I had an image of jumping up on her bareback and riding her through unfenced tundra, both of our manes flying freely behind me. I shared that I believed that Bella came to remind me of my shadow side. The wild nature and spirit that lives inside me, that in many ways in the daily grind feels tamed and domesticated. That wild nature used to act out and rage against herself, because I did not know the gifts my shadow nature carried, but I learned along the way that I could in fact be a wild spirit without self-harm. Sometimes I forget my wild child is there and that she needs daily doses of freedom and creativity…to stay healthy. I believe Bella and Trigger-the yellow horse of Illumination-came to remind me of this on Saturday.

After returning home, I reached for the medicine card book.
I wanted to learn more about the symbolic meaning of the Horse, after coming to my own understanding of why Bella chose to communicate with me. I read these words,"…Over the rise of the hill Dreamwalker, a medicine man, saw a herd of wild mustangs running toward him. Black Stallion approached him and asked if he was seeking an answer on his journey. Black Stallion said, "I am the Void where the Answer lives. Ride my back and know the power of entering the darkness and finding the Light." "Dreamwalker thanked Black Stallion and agreed to visit him when his medicine was needed in the Dreamtime." 

I do not remember reading about Horse before and I am going to share something with you…Are you sitting down…I am grateful that I was when I read it… DreamTime is a part of the process included in the book…that is currently in production and went to press last month! And in that amazing paragraph and my own personal experience with Bella, is everything I believe about the collective unconscious, the power of intention and what we can tap into when we are awake and present. I am so excited about what is to come in this new collaboration. The unfolding of it is almost more then I could have hoped for. Thank you Julie, Mel, Jesse, Trigger and dear Bella…Happy