My husband’s Aunt Annie died on Sunday after a long and extremely courageous battle with cancer. Andy and I feel so blessed to have shared the news of Blue with her the day before she began to slip into the final stage of her time here with us. She was coherent and so incredibly happy for us-mostly Andy-that we had opened our hearts to another dog. Anne was a dog lover too and she and Andy shared that bond. Anne was also a talented musician and a devoted supporter of the arts. I think that is how I first connected with her. Almost every square inch of wall space in her home, is filled with beautiful oil paintings and her favorite…watercolors. She supported both local and national artists with her passion and we have several pieces she has generously given us over the years.

Andy and I exchanged our vows barefooted in front of our immediate families, in the backyard of his families historic farmhouse in PA where Anne lived. We planted an apple tree that day, which has grown big, strong and bountiful. We will be planting a fruit tree here in our yard this weekend…Anne’s tree. We are so grateful to Hospice that she was able to spend her last days in the comfort of her beloved home and not in a hospital environment.


In honor of Anne, we took Blue on an afternoon inaugural raft trip, we know Anne’s adventurous spirit was with us as Sir Blue found his balance, learned to be a river dog and proudly wore our former dog Feats’ pink life vest. Real dogs are not afraid to wear pink!

Tears of sadness run down my cheeks as I think of the many blessings knowing Anne has offered my life these last 18 years.  Always ready with a smile, a laugh, a song, or a funny hat, Anne will live on in my heart as a true Feisty Female® of the most extraordinary kind. A living example of what kindness and compassion truly means.

You are loved and will be missed Anne….