Pink boots jumping for Awakened joy!

While I was busy meeting with clients this morning, a little bundle of joy arrived on my doorstep. Not the kind of bundle you might be imagining, but one that came with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, just the same…my beautiful book!

I had a heads up it might arrive today, so I was checking every hour between sessions. It felt like when I was a photojournalist and I would run out to the sidewalk in the morning to see if my photos had made it to the pages. When I opened the door at lunch, there it was. With trembling hands I gently tore the wrapping from the package and pulled the book from the envelope. Before doing so…I said a prayer and stated my intention to the Universe. And in the next moment, it was in my hands. Essentially two years of my life revealed in bright, shiny, bold and colorful pages. And then…my next client showed up!

I was positively beaming, so she knew something was up, so I told her what was going on and showed her the book. Watching her look through the book, as she ooo'd and ahhhd, was a very surreal moment. Talk about vulnerable. WOW! Does everyone feel this way? And then my next client came and she began talking about something that I had written about in the book. So I said, "Would you mind if I read you something?" And for the first time, I read the words allowed, I had worked so hard to find. She cried…and tears filled my eyes as well. 

It wasn't until 7:30 this evening that I could sit down and really look at it. By then most of my friends, knew, FB'ers knew and I had Twittered about it, but I could finally sit and read through it with my husband at my side and that was worth waiting for.

As another client wrote to me tonight, "What an incredible way to "kick off" the new year.