Gypsy Spirit Day

I just got off a call with my Creative Awakenings Approved Facilitators.

Wow! These women ROCK AND ROLL!

We spent a juicy couple of hours brainstorming and throwing ideas in the Creative Awakenings stew pot.

What’s cooking?

An online offering just for you, fellow travelers.  A mini-adventure.

Think September…busy days of summer have come to an end…the kids are back in school…time for just you…sound inviting?

I’m about to head off for a much needed, long overdue, non-caretaking, Gypsy Spirit Adventure. It’s been a year since I moved to California and I’ve not had much time to explore, as I’ve been busy getting my feet on the ground.

You know I love a good road trip, so Blue and I will be heading to meet a new friend and discover new places we’ve not seen before.

My dear friend and landlord will be holding down the horse end of the business, as I’ve done for her several times these last 6 months of living here. That’s the beauty of living in community.

We leave tomorrow, so if you’d like to follow our tracks, subscribe to my Facebook feed and stay tuned!

In the meantime I leave you with this question…”What’s calling you?”